Mamma Mia, here I go again

It’s axiomatic that on my last day in Skopelos the sun is back out in full force. As I’m leaving one of the hostesses neighbours pops by and there’s discussion around the weather; I comment that bad weather seems to follow me and she is visibly relieved when I tell her I’m going today, effectively asking me to please never return. My lovely hostess (who appears personally distressed that the weather has been so poor during my stay as though it were something she could control) offers to drive me down to the port but I tell her I have plenty of time, it’s all downhill and plus I have some people I’d like to say goodbye to…
I make the regular turns: left then right then left then right and…they’re not there! Not So Grumpy Old Dimitrius and Not So Grumpy Old Dimitrius’ Wife’s house is locked up! I am genuinely gutted. I wanted to ask their names; why on earth I didn’t do this sooner I have no idea and now I’m kicking myself. I also have some biscuits left over I was going to give to them. I figure I could leave them on the doorstep (well, pavement) but how would they know they were from me and it’s not like I have some post it notes in my suitcase I could quickly write a note on…and even if I did they wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. Another reminder that in life you should do things while you can as you never know what is around the corner (that’s certainly the case around here, I can’t even work out what corner I’m on nevermind what is around it) and may never get the opportunity again; Carpe Diem and all that jazz. I trundle off deflated down the hill, bumping my weary case behind me.
Once in town I need to find a bakery to have one of these famous Skopelos cheese pies – and see if they’re actually any different to any of the other islands cheese pies. This one is baked fresh for me and it appears in a snail shape, which would have been a surprise had the spinach pie in Alonissos not been the same shape. I sit at the harbour with my pasty swigging from a can of Greek beer (well I wasn’t going to leave it was I, I did say I hate waste!) once again waiting for a man in a blue shirt. No such luck but I figure it’s too busy around here anyway, this is neither the time nor the place so I’m quite happy to leave when the next ferry appears and whisks me off.

The water is still very choppy after the storms so it’s a slightly queasy journey and I’m pleased with the slight break from the bumps when we stop in Glossa. This is the port nearest the famous Mamma Mia church so I’m surprised it appears quite low key, I was expecting lots of sightseeing party boats but it appears very peaceful and unpretentious…possibly the sort of place where you might find a fisherman! Damn why didn’t I stay here again?! Oh well, no changing plans now, I’m all ferried out; onward to Skiathos! My final Dimitrius hunting destination…



No comments please, it’s a famous Skopelos cheese pie that’s what it is!
It’s a sorry state of affairs when you can’t even lure a man in with a beer
He’s behind you! Err no, he isn’t…
Nevermind where’s Wally, where’s Dimitrius?!
Bye bye Skopelos… and your bloomin’ sunshine today
There’s a boat out there…should I swim to it and see if it’s him?
Mamma Mia, here I go again…it’s Glossa
20170718_144853 (1)
Nevermind Dimitrius, where’s Colin Firth and Piers Brosnan?!
20170718_144831 (1)
Glorious Glossa
20170718_144835 (1)
If Dimitrius is at that port I will not be happy!
Seasick sailing


Lucky…and not so lucky

Well the day came at last and I managed to get on a flight to Greece. Yay! I was feeling quite good until the airhostess checked my boarding card and commented ‘oh only one’ err yes, that’ll be me, thanks for reminding me what a saddo I am travelling alone. Anyway after a great flight chatting to a lovely couple I landed feeling positive about the weeks ahead, so much so that when the taxi rank was chockablok I decided I could walk into town, it’s only 20 minutes and I was just itching to get, well, somewhere.

Bad idea. The pavements weren’t great and I hadn’t considered that my case is a good few years old and and has therefore wheeled many a mile; when it started to drag more heavily and I noted the rubber was coming off I realised this wasn’t such a great idea. If my case is screwed I’ve a feeling I’m pretty screwed too. In addition to this I was starting to get blisters on the soles of my feet: no idea why as my sandals weren’t new, can only assume the heat and maybe my feet got over excited with the journey; all of which isn’t good when I’m intending on doing a fair bit of walking and have brought my trainers to do some running too. So basically my case and my feet were in a matching pickle. The good news for my case was once the rubber had fallen off it seemed to function a lot better, only now I was that annoying person making a bloomin’ racket everywhere I went; if my feet met the same fate though I’m thinking that wouldn’t be such a great outcome. Can only hope they stay attached to my legs, I’ll need them for my Dimitrius hunting.

So here’s me basically looking a complete plonker dragging a case along a deserted road and looking 100% like an idiot abroad. A coach comes past and honks at me, I turn, there’s no one else on this road and no cars about. Could that have been him? Has Dimitrius given up fishing to drive Olympic buses to and from the airport? Maybe he took the job hoping to find me? Or maybe it was just someone tooting in recognition of my loser status. I’m guessing I know the answer.

Anyway I finally get into town with time to kill so I sat with a beer people watching and got chatting to some fellow lone ladies, one from London and the other from Italy (from Amalfi! If I lived in Amalfi I don’t think I would ever leave!) who told me that once I had travelled alone I would never look back. Hmm, not sure about that as it is nice to share things with people but at least it will be comforting to know that I can do it if I want to. Time came for me to be at the port so I bid my fellow females goodbye, safe journey etc. I knew I had to be at the port an hour before the ferry set sail so made sure I was there bang on an hour before. Checking with the bloke at the office that this was where you get the boat to Alonissos I was feeling very pleased with myself, I’d had a fantastic day meeting some fantastic people and now I was about to board a ferry for further fantasticness. Life is sweet. The ferry arrives on time. Smiling, I board the boat, stow my case and watch the last of Skiathos fade as we pull away from shore and the gate closes up behind me. Here we go, how lucky am I!

I climb the stairs to be greeted by an officer checking tickets and hand over my slip of paper. The bloke checking the ticket (BCT) raises his eyes to look at me

BCT: “Lady, it is not your lucky day”

I look blankly back at him. “Excuse me?”

BCT: “This boat does not go to Alonissos”

Have I heard him right? Mild panic “Uhhhhhh What?!”

BCT: “This boat does not go to Alonissos, this boat goes to Agios Konstantinos”

Larger panic “What!! It goes where?!”

BCT: “Agios Konstantinos”

Major panic “Yes but where even is that?!!”

BCT: “The mainland”

Oh s***….