Dimitrius has a career change…maybe

In the evening it’s more Greek dancing at the Alonissos dance festival: my word those poor musicians must be knackered! I choose another restaurant on the harbour front and am again given a curious look when I tell them the table is just for me. The waiter, who is definitely not Dimitrius, asks why the most beautiful girl on the island is alone. Oh dear, here we go with the patter. Just because I’m on my own does not mean I’m desperate (err despite the title of this blog) and furthermore I can spot schmoozing a mile off. I shrug “Hey, that’s just the way of the world isn’t it. Can I have a menu please?”

Well clearly if he genuinely thought I was the most beautiful girl on the island he’s not making much of an effort as the service is incredibly slow despite things being a lot quieter than the evening before. Where is my menu?! Eventually he brings the quarter of wine and water that I have ordered and asks me which glass I would prefer the wine in: wine glass or tumbler. I joke that it’s fine, I will just drink from the jug however it’s definitely lost in translation. He just looks at me like I’m weird, which I guess I am a bit. The food is fantastic and just when I think I am all pattered out at the end of the meal a different waiter appears and tries his luck (he’s definitely definitely definitely absolutely not in a million years and then some Dimitrius). He tells me that he will meet me at the bar with the van in the wall (he means a VW Beetle; it’s not a white-van-man-type-van like it sounds, that’d just look a bit, well, s**t) when he finishes work and will buy me a drink. There’s no asking me if I want this, just a statement of fact. Well your fact is my fiction mate, there’s not a hope in hells chance I’m going to that bar tonight now despite planning to so cheers for that, you’ve just ruined my evening. Obviously I don’t say any of this, just make a nod and ensure when he has gone I leg it as soon as I can; after I’ve paid the bill of course…I haven’t turned to that life of crime after the ferry incident just yet
The following day I’m keen to have a more relaxing time and my blisters will thank me for it I’m sure. I decide to head to the nearby beaches of Rousoum Gialos and Votsi, which are basically the next bays along from Patitiri where I’m staying. All of these beaches are pebble rather than sand so I almost feel like I’m having a hot stone massage each time I lay down, they’re good for you though right… even though it feels like I’ve been sleeping on, well rocks. Walking from Rousoum to Votsi I have a slight problem: my sandal breaks. I’m not near any shops and I’m a good twenty minute walk from the hotel. I do what any self-respecting person would do and err shuffle along as best I can in the heat. I’m spurred on though when I see a sign for ‘Dimitris pizza café restaurant’ with not only the sign but a boat run aground behind it. Could this be?! Has he given up his life of fishing to enter the catering business?! There’s no way I’m turning back now; I hobble on at speed, find the restaurant and am brimming with anticipation; could this finally be?! I sit on a seat overlooking the waterfront and try and look as nonchalant as possible; flicking my hair, and gazing out at the boats. I hear someone approach and steel myself, preparing to meet the love of my life, big smile at the ready, I turn my gaze and see… a teenage girl, notebook in hand. Arrrghhhh I knew it was too good to be true; besides it was the wrong spelling anyway. I order a Mythos for refreshment before me and my Monty Python school of funny walks head back home again.


The non-white-van-man-van



My washed up man that wasn’t




Technical and technological issues

I’m having to think clearly about my vision now to attempt to recreate it and have just realised that I would be sitting on a wall with a kindle rather than a book – how times change, and this is not a good thing as the book was intrinsic to the conversation starting! Hmm, what to do. Maybe I need to take a book even just as a prop otherwise how will Dimitrius know what I am reading and comment on it that it’s one of his favourites?! But taking a book will just add to my already limited luggage space…then again it’s quality of items not quantity, a book is an important part of the scene so I should take one…even if I have my kindle hidden inside to actually read….but then how will that work when I meet him and he asks what part of the book I’m up to and I can’t answer as I’m actually in the middle of the latest Marian Keyes or whatever? Plus how daft will I look if we are chatting and I go to close the book but actually can’t as I’ve got a kindle stuck in it, I’d look a right plonker and that’s not good for a first impression! Oh dear, I may need to readjust my vision…

Question – what if Dimitrius sees this blog and comes to try and find me? Or what if he had the same vision all those years ago and has been waiting by the wall every day since wondering where I am?! Will he be eternally scouring fishing village walls from now on for an English girl with a kindle hidden strategically in a well-chosen-thought-provoking-yet-not-too-well-known book? Nah don’t be daft, he won’t see this blog as he’s not the online sort, he won’t know what blogging is. You’d never find him on facebook (I’ve tried that too, mainly to check the spelling was a real name so I haven’t made that up) my Dimitrius won’t actually be on facebook or any other form of social media… other than a friends reunited account his swotty brother Theo set up for him donkeys ages ago to show him the power of the world wide web. So that’s helpful too just incase I do get any further imposters who are loitering around harbour walls; I’ll be able to spot them as a fake and tell them to jog on so the real Dimitrius isn’t put off approaching as he’d never compete like that…